Light Up 2 times

We have Lighten UP again in front of the Palas of Culture. Gruia was keen to mix again for Light Up, just before the famous band, Suie Paparude. So we did a back to back like the old times and I must say that the musical key is in a safe place. With so many […]

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Therapy in Music

I have had an inner driven feeling to search for variations in music since I was a soul with consciousness. The search in the vibration was always the search to understand what is music after all and what it does to the human brain and hearth. Pursuing this constant search, I have discovered that music […]

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2017 – a 7 years cycle back

Yep, it’s 2017 and I am listening our latest CWR podcast, with thanks to our podcast manager and resident Dj, Cody. It features music from all our family record labels as it started in 2012. And it started thanks to our podcast manager Jamie, our friend from the very beginning. It’s pretty inspiring, as ocean can be… […]

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Streaming into vinyl

It’s been a long while but I am back into writing. What’s inspiring me nowadays is seeing that most of the music migrates from digital download to stream and back to vinyl. Guess most of the mainstream creators are focusing on streaming, while niche music migrates  back to vinyl. This, in my opinion, is positive and as long as there are enough music lovers out there to put enough effort and energy into reaching their audience, the digital will sure boost niche record labels into going back to physical products, more or less vinyl printing. From downloading to streaming. From cds to vinyl.

Genre oriented speaking, I would mention dub and minimal sounds like the ones from My First Love Record or the comeback of techno featured on labels such as Consumed Music, O-ccult or Crosstech. Vinyl releases create a better way to interact with the djs that want to play the tunes old school style. You just need to find the right resources for it.

But I wonder if music that isn’t necessary supposed to be played in clubs or festivals by Djs can return to vinyl. Swag Pill Records, I wonder?

You choose what is best for you, there is place for everyone in this world, don’t you think?

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