9th Intelligence

Of course, life is all about learning. Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, accounting “word smart”, “number/reasoning smart”, “picture smart”, “body smart” , “people smart” , “self smart” , “nature smart” , we have “MUSIC SMART”. Music smart in my opinion, can relate to any of the 7 intelligences mentioned above. If […]

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Light Up 2 times

We have Lighten UP again in front of the Palas of Culture. Gruia was keen to mix again for Light Up, just before the famous band, Suie Paparude. So we did a back to back like the old times and I must say that the musical key is in a safe place. With so many […]

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Therapy in Music

I have had an inner driven feeling to search for variations in music since I was a soul with consciousness. The search in the vibration was always the search to understand what is music after all and what it does to the human brain and hearth. Pursuing this constant search, I have discovered that music […]

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2017 – a 7 years cycle back

Yep, it’s 2017 and I am listening our latest CWR podcast, with thanks to our podcast manager and resident Dj, Cody. It features music from all our family record labels as it started in 2012. And it started thanks to our podcast manager Jamie, our friend from the very beginning. It’s pretty inspiring, as ocean can be… […]

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