PS. 2

So, watching this picture tells you that Product Blue has most of the market, while Product Yellow and Product Brown share altogether a quarter of the market.

Let’s say that this is the Stream on Spotify: and the Blue share is the Mainstream/Pop/EDM/Dance and the Yellow represents the jazz/ambient/chill out stream, while the brown one represents the electronic experimental or downtempo/electronica.

Now change that perspective and see it as a pyramid pointing at the blue sky, while the sun shade is on the right part of the picture. So now the nu jazz stream becomes a bit shady:, maybe its beat less but for sure is interesting.

So what is interesting or what is not interesting as selection criteria? Well, if the soundtrack of that adventure movie focusing on the research doctor who gets stuck in the pyramid has a very “Imagine Dragons” soundtrack, well yeah, the sky is interesting. But if the pyramid is the concept of a human existence paradigm shift and that homo sapiens evolve to a more complex being? Then maybe the shade becomes more interesting for that particular movie, doesn’t it?

Ps. 2

Perspective of today

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