Going #Silentdisco @ Afterhills once again

Part of the CWR boys will battle again other artists on the Silentdisco platform at Afterhills Festival. 4 days starting Thursday 31st of May… It’s gonna be different on 3 levels, 3 djs at a time in the great Dome tent.

I am going to be more of a DJ support for Gruia, who is back into action this Friday from 9pm.

Alongside Cody, Ranno Vollman, Stefan L, Pako, Silv, Teddy Rullz, John Junior, Tony Q, CWR will welcome the talented dnb, dubstep and trap crew of local cool and fresh artists like Keeble, Skiny, Padu, Evolve Dubz and many others…

Let’s techno, my friends! This time in a diverse and real musical battle!!!


cwr tzr silent disco CASTIGA O INVITATIE si fii alataturi de cursanti si dj ii din echipa


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