Therapy in Music

I have had an inner driven feeling to search for variations in music since I was a soul with consciousness. The search in the vibration was always the search to understand what is music after all and what it does to the human brain and hearth. Pursuing this constant search, I have discovered that music heals. It heals and it cleans. It cleans the inner you and it has the power to attract individuals like yourself.

From SJD to CWR, my journey continued in a constant search for answers. I have found Melusine and it reacted to my constant pursue for that vibration that heals. After all, we all want to recharge after a long day, don’t we?

So, my advice for all your out there today is: start healing your soul and feed your brain with the right frequency!!!

Music therapy by Bob Marley in a 432hz frequency or just get on board with the Melusine crew who are just doing it right.

Live it uplifting!


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