5 AM: 5 Elements of life in the 5D projection of our musical Eden

I was very happy to meet some of the CWR family that started all this journey in 2010. It was the After Hills Festival, in Iasi …. the mysterious city that is always spelled wrong by the foreigners. We’ve gone silent disco and the 3 generations met: Gruia, our youngest DJ (11 years old) and Chris Robert, our never sleeping techno driving nutcase from Chicago. And yes, we stayed techno for the whole week until Sibiu, at the Airfield Festival where the Peacock Gate featured Chris again and Hummingbird welcomed my set just before the sunrise. CWR went to Neversea to get a glimpse of the Black Sea Coast just in time for the first edition of what will be probably biggest festival in the next years in Constanta.

5 Elements have combined in a great vision and project and my track with Daniell C has been released: 5 Eden just before the 1h dj set at the Elements stage at Untold in Cluj. 5 AM is my favorite hour of spinning, just before the sun is spinning it’s new face and lets us know that a new day has started. Yes its always about starting a new day!



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