From 3 Festivals to 5th Dimension Projection

It’s been a while… probably it’s the hurry of the life we are living in, expecting for that 5D to be discovered by our awaken senses..

Seems the skills we gathered as a team have concluded in a 3 stars presence at 3 Festivals. CWR crew is gathered again, happy to have our youngest and most energy developed fellow, Gruia T as a headliner for AfterHills festival, in Iasi. We’re then traveling to Sibiu, to be Arfield(ed) with our Chicago main Crossworlder, Chris Robert, a techno traveler all over the Route 66. August starts with the Untold story to be told at the Elements stage, with me spinning after our good friend, Tom Novy and just before Chris.

Part of the CWR crew gathers in Iasi, where it all started, and we’re gonna meet again with Niro (Groovetique), Ranno Vollman, Pako, Cody (our Techzone and Podcast resident) Daniell C, Gruia T, Stephan L and our new comers, the MA Dj School in Iasi trainer, John Junior plus our neighbor from Yassi Records, Istratec (a fabulous photographer as well by the way :p )

It’s gonna be fun, its Iasi-Sibiu-Cluj, 3 cities in Romania that I feel like home. Because Romania is where all the CWR started and a 3 episodes of electronic music will let the CWR spirit flow.

Meanwhile, I just realized that me and Ranno’s release with Mihai Popoviciu was released a 7 years ago… that Cyclic cycle keep cycling.

See ya in 3 days for 3 nights of 3 festivals!



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