Teaching youngsters and learning back from them…

I have started this unique trip of being a mentor in dj-ing for Gruia in 2014. He was at that time 7 years old. Starting from basics although he did have this talent of playing piano from 5 and drums from 6, I have built up quickly a very good and strong connectivity with him, and branding and marketing around his DJ career came across very soon. Super Pals Records, his own digital label has also been born, but not before his first “Gruia presents Disco For Kids Event” in December 2014.

Gruia just discovered our unique network of djs, producers and labels, which Jamie almost monthly advertised. But it was something more that Gruia was teaching me again and again: that everything is in a continuous change and we need to adapt to that certain change.  That music unites and projects are yet to be discovered. That we can!

Events at ice skate park, events in summer, at pool, for kids and for adults and a very accurate project for a DJ School.


It was projected in 2015 and has been born in December 2016, it’s the DJ School, that Gruia was telling me about… Well, CWR‘s event brand Techzone has coped with Raoul Russu’s MA Dj School and with the help of resident djs from Fratelli Iasi is here:



Now available in #iasi for professional and amateur courses and start from July, for kids in a new and fresh summer camp soon to be announced.

It’s just the natural flow of life. You teach people around you and you receive simultanously knowledge back from them.

It’s life…. I am still learning. We all should…



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