2017 – a 7 years cycle back

Yep, it’s 2017 and I am listening our latest CWR podcast, with thanks to our podcast manager and resident Dj, Cody. It features music from all our family record labels as it started in 2012. And it started thanks to our podcast manager Jamie, our friend from the very beginning. It’s pretty inspiring, as ocean can be… An ocean of memories…with the intensity of a snowflake minding its own business in the courtyard of the Palace of Culture. Yes, Palas of Culture is the musical Palace inspiring us all. Wondering around from London to Barcelona, Iasi to Amsterdam, Lyon to Athens and back to Iasi where all started.

What is Iasi? Yassi? Iesho? Iashoo? Or however our friends from all over the world call it…. Well, its where all started and its where is coming back. The energy, the frequency, the power of it all. It’s CROSSWORLDER… the journey where my friends and me have started and have reached the frequency where we can set it to the next level.

It’s digital, it’s vinyl. Its open air, its indoors. Its in your bedroom producing studio, it’s in Bucharest. Its in MA and comes back to Techzone as a dj school franchise. It’s in me, its in you, it’s in everyone.

Thank you Jamie, Manos, Olivier, Alex, Matthew, Gabriel, Daniel, Georgiana, Ranno, Niro, Adrian, Raoul, Cody, Renji, Lesny, Chris, Radu, Ovidiu, Mano, Stefan, Silviu, Florin,Ionut, Mihai, Bog, Radu, Ramona, Adrian and all the rest of the gang…. yep there’re many, some of them I forget.. some of them I will remember… some of them will remember me… The musical journey continues as the goal is not reaching any destination, is simply having the journey itself.

Thank you all for being part of this… Roads have their own course, minds are alike.

Happy 2017 to all of you crossworlders out there!


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