Dj is dead, long live the dj


Being active in the music industry for more than 12years now (Chinese would say I am entering another life cycle) made me realise that the word Dj does not represent anymore what we all were familiar with. A Dj does not have to actually disk jockey anymore….as a matter of fact he doesnt even have to jockey anything. Music simply faces the changes human race is entering now and there is nothing different than the changes in all the simple things we used to enjoy in life: we don’t socialize anymore (we share, like, tweet, instant text), we are not looking at things anymore (we do selfies), we don’t listen music anymore (we only ‘dig noise’). Sad…but true…

A small party in a club doesn’t have crowd anymore, it just has a cue of ‘djs’ waiting in line for 30 mins of showing off their skills in synching music from top100. A big party does’t have people who actually came for the djs: either line up is wrong, either tickets too expensive, either venue is too far away or isn’t popular anymore.

I was happy in 2004, at the Athens olympics when I saw that the opening celebrations had Tiesto as a special guest. I realised a few years later that the major companies were just calling back the rock stars and replaced them with so called EDM stars, easy to control and replace, with a very ‘strong made up personality’. Don’ t get me wrong, I have no issues to any kind of music, there are places on Earth for the most obscure and bizzare genres…but , there is always a but… 🙂 When djs aren’t spinning records anymore and simply pose as rock stars throwing themselves over their fans breaking their necks, I would ask myself: where is the guitar though? 

Nevertheless, there is a a hope in this so called rush of the final stages of human awakening: there is place for another kind of dj, the ones that are filtering the good and bad things of the digital industry trough their own way of surviveing their true passion for music.


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