A-5 Year Retrospective – part two –

Because past has to touch the future, and the way things wonder about makes us rush them more, the next story parts will link each other faster.


15  August 2010

Things were rushing at that time..

“Let’s release a lot of tracks to build an awareness around ourselves until the official launch of our very own record label.”

What seemed a good plan at that time, only made as connect with others “musical truth seekers” in our path. Touring as a DJ also helped me build quite a good network very easily– Gabriel Slick  with his massive inner driving force of creating the most abstract but intuitive sounds, the Adrian Funk & Niro Lassano duo of restless beats, A++ who hasn’t yet “CONSUMED” his story, Daniell C with his constant but unique 0 to 1 and 1 to 0 musical gaming. Of course all the music being well crafted and our own musical logos were projected with a great Van Illa flavor.

Matthew was already saying “it is all about tribes” and Sean Holland, label owner  at that time… I met Sean as a remixer to feed his first releases needs and him being the A&R. Both of them will be pitching back and forth in this story..

I did not know at that time that these paragraphs I am writing will be quarterly measurable and thus the musical understanding of digital releases. 1st of September was really near, first release was already sent to major stores and the world reply to our very own language: Crossworlder.

…to be continued…


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