A-5 year retrospective – part one –

Have decided to go back to writing… after several years of mind traveling, awkward wondering, project managing and endless hours of research, I said to myself: “let’s just share a bit of the past to part of my friends & acquaintances”

May 14th, 2010

… I kept emailing Graham for my long waiting first release with Lizzie Curious, called “Cabassa”. Have spent an enormous ridiculous time in the studio with my producer at that time to finish the progressive track I thought it would change my career. Of course, it didn’t in the manner I thought at that time it will. It simply took me to a different level of understanding what a DJ quest is all about… Because I didn’t receive a clear and simple statement of how the world saw my first ever released single on Beatport, another ideea simply passed my mind: “Why wouldn’t I have my own label to fully understand what all this digital release is about?!”

A few days later Crossworld Records idea took shape, and the research begun. With the help of the 2 bright and talented dj fellows, Ranno Vollman & Mano, I was getting ready to embark into the unknown territory of owning your own digital label: digital distribution, mastering, artwork, press, A&R, finding the right and cool sound of that time, promotion, social networking, you name it. It was all in the minds and hearts of the brave and enthusiasts, as I like to remember ourselves at that time 🙂

To be continued…


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