Music affects us all

I thought I’d start this blog with a quote: “Music affects us all. We sing with it and dance to it. We accompany our most important rituals with music. We sing hymns to our Gods and pen anthems for our nations. There is no culture in the history of mankind that has not had music. […]

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PS. 2

So, watching this picture tells you that Product Blue has most of the market, while Product Yellow and Product Brown share altogether a quarter of the market. Let’s say that this is the Stream on Spotify: and the Blue share is the Mainstream/Pop/EDM/Dance and the Yellow represents the jazz/ambient/chill out stream, while the brown one […]

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PS. the story – Chapter 1

My good friend Matthew’s quote: some people say the destination is the most important thing, while others say it’s all about the journey. The truth, of course, is that it’s about both. They are inextricably bound together like two sides of a coin. It’s true also that when you start a project you don’t truly […]

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What if objects vibrate sounds

With the newest technological developments, an idea to create sounds just by touching simple objects, is not fictional anymore. So what if Personal Streamer has an option for you to plug’n play a CROSSTECH IT livebox TM and a tennis palette becomes a guitar?? Imagine how amazing would it be to combine sports with musical […]

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Tech to techno blues mix

I have always knew that my musical journey is all about meeting those souls that are required for a team to work in a creative environment. Like meeting Canaf in 2011, its like a chance in a million. A dj looking for an exotic vocalist has led to a 7 years cycle collaboration with loads […]

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Take Me Back

What if one’s inspirational musical path connects people around the world? I got this idea while listening to this great emotional work of art by Fluxci, just released on Crossworld Vintage.  “Take Me Back” reminds me  of those great classical times when music had soul. It still has soul of course but we need to boost […]

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9th Intelligence

Of course, life is all about learning. Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, accounting “word smart”, “number/reasoning smart”, “picture smart”, “body smart” , “people smart” , “self smart” , “nature smart” , we have “MUSIC SMART”. Music smart in my opinion, can relate to any of the 7 intelligences mentioned above. If […]

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Light Up 2 times

We have Lighten UP again in front of the Palas of Culture. Gruia was keen to mix again for Light Up, just before the famous band, Suie Paparude. So we did a back to back like the old times and I must say that the musical key is in a safe place. With so many […]

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Therapy in Music

I have had an inner driven feeling to search for variations in music since I was a soul with consciousness. The search in the vibration was always the search to understand what is music after all and what it does to the human brain and hearth. Pursuing this constant search, I have discovered that music […]

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